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Are you a classic vanilla? adventurous peach? or perhaps, an elegant gardenia?


1. Vanilla Bean

You are classic and yet coincidentally, a risk taker. There should never a dull moment in life be! You are an idealist and as such are sometimes quite suggestible. You enjoy the simple things in life but would never argue to enjoy some of the more complex things. You do not enjoy being the center of attention and are devoted and accepting of your friends.

2. Cucumbers & Green Tea

You have a sweet personality, a cheery disposition, and are very aware of the feelings of others.  You love to have a good time and bring life and laughter to every conversation. You work well with others and love to learn new things, you are always planning for the future and don’t feel accomplished in a day without finishing the tasks you set before yourself. you don’t need a lot of friends but the friends you do have are very close to you

3. Peach Hui

You are adventurous, fun-loving and excitable. You are young at heart while still being pessimistic and analytical. You have a strong sense of family and are fiercely loyal. In turn you require this loyalty from those around you.

4. Hazelnut Coffee

Ah Coffee, you have very discerning tastes. You are a person who may take awhile to make up your mind ,but once you do you’re committed. You are a decisive go-getter and most days feel like you can take on the world. You are very helpful and outgoing, while also being reflective and intellectual

5. Red Gardenia

You like to have order to your life. You can sometimes be overly critical, but you have a good heart and enjoy helping others. You’re always reading and learning because you strive to be the fountain of knowledge for all of your friends and family. You’re a ‘take charge’ kind of person because really who would be better?

6. Florida Lemonsbarrel-of-lemons-oranges-limes-citrus-fruit-hd-wallpaper

You are an innovator. You’re always finding potential in seemingly ordinary things. You’re also likely the type that loves the seasons and celebrates them at every opportunity. You’re a spring cleaner, a busy-body, you can’t sit still for very long, and you enjoy making your house a home more than just about anything.

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