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Whenever you’re starting something new (like a candle business) you’re probably looking at what everyone else has already accomplished.
You start to receiving buckets of suggestions, some solicited others not so much.
From manufacturing to marketing, some of these ‘gems’ you actually incorporate into your business model.

And sometimes they just don’t make the cut… Here are 5 of the worst ideas we’ve heard so far about making candles…

1. Make all of Yankee’s fragrances

There is something to be said for implementing tried and true fragrances, and then there is just being lazy. There are a LOT of other candle companies out there. But one thing is always going to be true. You will never get ahead by following…hey that was good,  quote me on that…

“You can never get ahead when you are following”

If you are going to imitate someone else’s venture it’d be a lot easier to just become a rep for that company. One of our most loved attributes is that we are unique, and it’s easy! just be yourself

2. Lets call it ‘Tangerine, cedarwood, vanilla’

um, how about no.

With the exception of the most sought out fragrances (e.g. vanilla or lavender) You get SOOO many more looks, turned buyers, from unique, cheeky and/or intriguing names. Ralph lauren doesn’t call his fragrances “Vanilla” or “Musk”. Get original. get spicy. get it now.

I just love telling people I’m burning “Rendevouz” or “Pixie Poison” vs sandalwood or lemon drops. More importantly we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

3.Sales will pick up eventually

In the business world, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.
Sales will ‘pick up’ whenever you ‘put out’ some conscious thought and effort. There are always gonna be some bummer days or ventures. But I ,for one, can’t stand seeing people continue to do something that just isn’t working. I’ve met people who have went to the same small market with the same products dozens of times to try and make it big with an overpriced sale…by the time you sell that item (if you ever do) you’ll still have lost money from all the time, effort and booth fees you’ve put in… Identify the problem, whether it’s just a slow time, or your approach needs adjustment.

4. Just sell them, someone else does

Oh they’re so beautiful, we said. Maybe we should sell them one day, we said. UNTIL IT ALL CAUGHT FIRE!

So, this story was a very long time ago, before we started making candles to sell. We made our very first “coffee” scented candles and we topped it with actual coffee beans something we saw someone else do.

All the coffee beans lit up on all of the candles we had made….WHOOSH. Thank goodness they were carefully supervised. yowsa. Test, test and test again. The last thing anyone needs is a lawsuit…

5.Stick with what you know

do not! BAD! Bad candle maker award to you! this is a creative business, BE CREATIVE.
If you want to maintain customers, create interest and spark conversations you’ve got to try different things.
Vanilla is a great seller ,we always have it available. If you want to maximize sales, however, you have to have options. Think about it, only Ernest P. Worrell wants to wear the same clothes everyday.