Romance Candle Collection

Romance Candle Collection

Romance Candle Collection

Available January 14th – February 14th

Pamper yourself with our ALL NEW limited edition trio.

Desire, Love and Devotion.

Three fragrances that are specifically designed to intrigue the senses and stimulate the mind.



Hypnotically enticing. Vanilla and sandalwood are two of the most loved fragrances throughout time.
Combine them and you have a recipe for obsession.






You’re bubbly…sweeter than even your usual self… everyone can tell… you’re in love.

 Strawberries and effervescent champagne attempt to embody this mythical,

yet everyday, state of being that has perplexed

poets and scientists alike for centuries.


Whether it is passionate or it is familiar.

This is one ingredient required to create every great relationship,

story and ,now we find, fragrance.

Exotic ginger, saffron and a hidden base of rich, dark cacao

promise a lifetime of Devotion.

This Limited Edition set makes a fantastic gift

for yourself, or a friend.

…Stay amorous

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