Port Royal Rum


Caramelized, room-filling Rum

Wax: Soy

Wick: Premium Wood wick (extra crackle)

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This remarkably sweet rum was brewed with the finest Jamaican sugarcane. The artisans who craft this beverage are sure to drizzle the top of every mug with the caramelized sweetness found in the bottom of the barrel

Candle Sizing and Approximate Burn time


Extravagant – 27oz

Burn time: 200 hours


Classic – 12oz

Burn Time: 80 hours


Votive – 4oz

Burn Time: 30 hours

Tealights – 0. 5 oz ea.

Burn Time: 8 Hours

Listen Carefully, your candle is a mini shoreline bonfire!

Our Shipwrecked collection are made only with premium wooden wicks that crackle lightly when lit!

Some of the things that we enjoy about wood wicks are


Requires no trimming

(usually, keep an eye on your wicks and trim if needed)

No mushrooming

or carbon buildup with little debris.

Soft Fireplace like crackling

Wick creates soft crackling sound when burning.

Made in the USA

Wood candle wick grown and manufactured in the USA.


Additional information

Weight 13 oz
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