Lifetime Membership Card


AVAILABLE UNTIL FEBRUARY 28th! –then it’s gone forever

Get Sugar Land Imperial Farmers’ Market prices for the rest of your life!


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When we attend the ‘Sugar Land Imperial Farmers’ Market’we offer a BIG discount to folks buying our candles, because that is the market where we began our candle making endeavor.
Although we have been putting it off for some time now we are going to start charging our suggested retail price at the farmer’s market
However do not fret. This cloud has a silver lining.
We are offering ,to our loyal customers, the ones who took a chance and tried us out, who motivated us to continue creating unique, fun, quality candles and wax melts. We are offering the PrismAura Lifetime Membership Card.
For the cost of 1 candle you get to keep the ‘Sugar Land’ pricing for the rest of your LIFE!
(See image for the price comparison)
This card will not expire and can be used online or in person!
You may use it to buy gifts for friends and family or whenever you want to stock up.
Details: If you purchase the ‘PrismAura Lifetime Membership Card’ You will receive a code within 1 business day. You can use your code at our online checkout or in person. Your Lifetime member discount may or may not be combined with other promotions or specials that we make available. see details for our other promotions to confirm if your lifetime member discount is applicable.
we reserve the right to alter these terms at any time without notification.
please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery of physical lifetime membership card.


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