Cucumbers and Green Tea


Honeydew melon, florals, cucumbers, green tea and lemongrass.

includes essential oil of Jasmine

Wax: Soy

Wick: specially braided flat wick to minimize or eliminate carbon buildup (mushrooming), reduce smoking, and provide a 'self-trimming' effect, which creates a very stable and consistent flame.

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This fragrance is our take on the classic cucumber melon.

fruity honeydew melon, orange valencia, cucumber, watery greens, The heart combines florals like jasmine, lavender and orange flowers.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Jasmine.


Candle Sizing and Approximate Burn time

Herb Large

Extravagant – 20oz

Burn time: 160 hours


Classic – 12oz

Burn Time: 72 hours

Wax Melts- 7oz

Fragrance Time: 200 hours



Votives- 2oz

Burn Time: 14 hours


Tealights- 0.5 oz each

Burn time: 8 hours per tealight


Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 3.625 x 3.625 x 3 in


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