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5 qualities your “Best Selling” Fragrance needs

23 Jan No Comments PrismAura Blog, Candle Making, Just for fun

Creating fragrances can be MUCH more complicated than what you initially believe. Making an alluring fragrance is more than just throwing together two things that you enjoy. there are 3 components to every scent that fill it out and make it complete. More about that later… You may be wondering how to mix fragrances

The Worst Advice We’ve Heard About Candles Yet

22 Jan No Comments PrismAura Blog, Candle Making

Whenever you’re starting something new (like a candle business) you’re probably looking at what everyone else has already accomplished. You start to receiving buckets of suggestions, some solicited others not so much. From manufacturing to marketing, some of these ‘gems’ you actually incorporate into your business model. And sometimes they just

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