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Romance Candle Collection

Romance Candle Collection Available January 14th – February 14th Pamper yourself with our ALL NEW limited edition trio. Desire, Love and Devotion. Three fragrances that are specifically designed to intrigue the senses and stimulate the mind.   Desire Hypnotically enticing. Vanilla and sandalwood are two of the most loved fragrances throughout time. Combine them and you have a recipe for obsession.    …

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What Your Favorite Scent Can Reveal About you

Are you a classic vanilla? adventurous peach? or perhaps, an elegant gardenia?   1. Vanilla Bean You are classic and yet coincidentally, a risk taker. There should never a dull moment in life be! You are an idealist and as such are sometimes quite suggestible. You enjoy the simple things in life but would never argue to enjoy some of…

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5 qualities your “Best Selling” Fragrance needs

Creating fragrances can be MUCH more complicated than what you initially believe. Making an alluring fragrance is more than just throwing together two things that you enjoy. there are 3 components to every scent that fill it out and make it complete. More about that later… You may be wondering how to mix fragrances and design your own signature scents that will have people lining…

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The Worst Advice We’ve Heard About Candles Yet

Whenever you’re starting something new (like a candle business) you’re probably looking at what everyone else has already accomplished. You start to receiving buckets of suggestions, some solicited others not so much. From manufacturing to marketing, some of these ‘gems’ you actually incorporate into your business model. And sometimes they just don’t make the cut… Here are 5 of the worst…

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3for35 Event

The sale we’ve all been waiting for! Combine 3 classic (12oz) candles from the Signature and Herb garden collection and enter coupon code SigHerb35 limit 1 (one) coupon per order. Use as many times as you want until August 31st 2015!! [button size=”medium” style=”round” color=”red” url=”http://prismauracandles.com/product-category/signature-collection/”]Shop Now![/button] [one_half] Red Gardenia Peach Hui Egyptian Sauna Alpine Escape Aquifer Rendevouz Midnight Mulberry…

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Fall Fragrances

THEY’RE BACK! The weather is getting cooler again and we are so excited to bring back 3 of our most loved fall fragrances two sizes are available as well as tart melts for use with most wax melters! These seasonal sensations are made with the crackling wooden wicks and soy wax (never petroleum) [one_third][dropcap size=”l” color=”#FFFFFF” bgcolor=”#661111″ rounded=”true”]D[/dropcap]utch Apple  [accordions style=’box’]…

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