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Creating fragrances can be MUCH more complicated than what you initially believe.

Making an alluring fragrance is more than just throwing together two things that you enjoy. there are 3 components to every scent that fill it out and make it complete. More about that later…

You may be wondering how to mix fragrances and design your own signature scents that will have people lining up. To help you achieve those heart stopping aromas, here are 5 qualities that your best scent should have

Please keep in mind that these are guidelines.

For best results: Follow your nose and get plenty of opinions. put together your own candle team.


1. Depthblogimg2

This is one of the biggest things to keep in mind, people tend to like fragrances that are complex (even when they say otherwise). Lets use perfume as an example, you have your top notes which are bright and give the first impression. Then we have the middle or ‘heart’ notes that tend to be a blend of fruity and florals. Then finally we have the base notes, which are the last thing you smell, typically musk or wood, all working together to create that full bodied scent experience. When making an orange scented candle you can use straight oranges, however most would find it lack-luster. What would get the most attention is grapefruit, orange, clementine, frankincense or sandalwood and maybe even key lime. Make it complex, allowing orange be the center of attention, and your other notes support and flatter.


2. Authenticity

don’t make it smell artificial. Think about this, when you have a candle that claims to be apple scented, but doesn’t have that crisp apple aroma and is actually more similar to dish soap you might find in a discount bin, you feel duped without even buying it. Make a fragrance that smells like the actual ingredients, people love it when it smells real! So make sure you test each scent before letting it go into the front lines, rather than just assuming it will please people with the name alone.

3. Subtle Strength

No one wants an overbearing fragrance, but one that’s almost nonexistent is just as unappealing as the former. Adding more fragrance oil doesn’t make a light fragrance stronger, it will instead waste money and ruin wax, in addition to making it potentially hazardous to light up! Instead try mixing an enticing, more noticeable top note (depending on your scent, juicy peach, sweet honeysuckle or calming chamomile) to your fragrance. It will help draw out the more subtle tones.

Top notes are like looks . They are the first thing people notice but the heart is what makes you who you are.

4. Unique

What you want so this fragrance will be on their mind 24/7 is to make it unique and give it a certain je ne sais quoi. Take our sweet Jasmine candle as an example, it has the floral sweetness that jasmine provides, but to tone down the overpowering floral notes and add some character, what we added was light touches of pink grapefruit. It makes the fragrance stand out, and keeps it at the front of their mind all the time.

5. Harmonyblogimg3

Some of the fragrances with the most promising names don’t always smell how we expect them to. Chances are , that scent is in conflict. If you mix two fragrances because they smell good on their own, DOES NOT mean they will smell good together. As an example, coconut and vanilla are absolutely amazing on their own, but when mixed together, it smells too heavy and rich, like they’re trying to overpower each other and steal the throne. Instead, try something that will compliment the richness and bring out the best in both scents, try mixing coconut with tangy lime, or even a light floral such as jasmine or plumeria. Unlikely combinations can be AMAZING


If you’d like to learn more about scent mixing see our next post!

Until Next Time…